Spray Foam Insulation

Keep Out Unwanted Air and Moisture

No one wants airborne pollutants or allergens in the house! We prevent air and moisture infiltration with spray foam. It creates a thermal barrier, sealing the entire “building envelope”. It forms itself to the walls, floors and rim joists, creating a tight seal. The foam insulates and prevents air leakage.

Fact: Most Canadian homes lose 25% of their heat due to air infiltration (leakage). (NRC Studies)

Too much moisture can cause severe health problems in a home. We don’t want you to get dangerous mould or mildew! Air sealing your home also reduces moisture infiltration.

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  • Residential Spray Foam Insulation

    Spray foam insulation is the most effective and efficient insulating material available!

    Spray foam insulation is a great product that makes a home or building more energy efficient and comfortable. It stabilizes the temperature, reduces drafts and keeps in heat during the winter. It also keeps out moisture and prevents mould, mildew, and other allergens from infiltrating your home.

    Benefits of spray foam insulation

    • Saves on energy costs
    • Airborne allergen reduction
    • Does not support mould growth
    • Stops air and moisture infiltration
    • Adheres to any surface
    • Eliminates internal wall condensation
    • Provides noise reduction
    • Reduces the size of heating and air systems
    • Adds strength to the building structure
    • Keeps dust and pollen out
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Attic, basement and rim joist insulation

Spray Foam insulation provides benefits far greater than any traditional materials. It will increase your home’s structural integrity, air quality and energy performance. It works well on basement walls, on top of the foundation (rim joists), and in the attic. Don’t forget it has sound insulation properties either. You will enjoy greater cost savings by going this route.

spray foam insulation
spray foam insulation

Save Money with Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam can save you money. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills and increase your home’s longevity. It prevents costly house repairs while lowering heating and cooling costs. Other insulation methods can cost more to install and fail to produce the same results. Spray foam is an effective money saver because it is energy-efficient. We have embraced this technology as a superior home insulator.

Spray foam is worth the investment

Polyurethane foam insulation is an asset to any home. It increases the house resale value, but there is more! You can regain your investment in four to eight years, depending on the home’s size and layout. In the meantime, you get to enjoy extra room on your monthly budget. Our clients notice a significant decrease in their winter heating costs. Keeping the house cool in the summer is cheaper too. Save on energy costs with Poly Plus.

Saskatoon Spray Foam Experts

You may have heard the horror stories of spray foam installations gone wrong. Buying the can or kit from your local hardware store is not a good idea! “If installed incorrectly, the material fails to properly cure and can crack, off-gas or cause other problems.” (1) It is best to trust trained professionals using professional quality spray foam. We use modern spray foam technologies and methods for commercial and residential clients. Your health and home are at the top of our concerns.