Insulation Removal

Poly Plus offers expert insulation removal services for homeowners and businesses. Over time, insulation can become less effective due to contamination from pests, mold, or other pollutants, impacting the energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our experience team uses specialized tools and ventilation filters to remove old insulation safely.

By choosing Poly Plus, you are taking a vital step towards restoring your property to a healthier, more comfortable state. We are committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment while in your home or business. Creating the perfect foundation for a fresh start with high-quality insulation.


Attic Insulation Removal

Specializing in attic insulation removal, Poly Plus provides services that are both safe and efficient. Our team uses advanced vacuum equipment and adheres to strict safety protocols to ensure a comprehensive and secure removal process. This careful approach protects your family and property from potential hazards and contamination.

If you suspect that your attic contains asbestos, Poly Plus can recommend a trusted professional to conduct testing and removal. Once the asbestos-containing insulation has been removed, we reinsulate your attic using top-quality, energy efficient materials.

Trust our skilled professionals for thorough and reliable attic insulation removal services.

Remove Attic Insulation

Removing attic insulation is crucial when it becomes contaminated or inefficient. Our team at Poly Plus is well-versed at handling all types of attic insulation removal, ensuring a clean and safe process that paves the way for new and improved insulation and enhanced home comfort.


Insulation Removal Vacuum

Our insulation removal process uses specialized vacuum equipment, designed to extract old insulation in and clean manner. This advanced technology ensures a thorough removal, maintaining the cleanliness of your space and minimizing any risk of contamination or spread of pollutants.