Retrofit Insulating, Re-Insulation & Wall Insulation Renovations

Retrofitting Ceiling, Roof and Wall Insulation

With energy costs increasing, energy efficiency is more important than ever. You can improve your home’s R-value with retrofit re-insulation. This will lower your heating/cooling costs! We offer a number of insulation products and services, including wall insulation renovations. Spray foam is popular, and so are cellulose and batt insulation. We can make your home more fire-resistant, soundproof, and air-tight!

Re-Insulation: You can add insulation to an old house!

Most homes built before 1960 need re-insulation. Canada instituted a building code in 1941. It was another 20 years before provinces and municipalities adopted them. Today’s technology is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before.

How to test your home for insulation

Don’t know the age of your home? There are inexpensive ways to find out if you need improved insulation. One is to place your hand on an exterior wall on a cold day. You have insulation problems if you feel a draft. We can also use our Thermal Imaging Camera to detect any insulation drafts your home may have.

When Retrofitting Your Home Insulation Make Sense

  • Is there mould on your walls?
  • Does your house have uneven heat?
  • Does the furnace or air conditioner run too often?
  • Are your heating bills are higher than they should be?
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