Insulation Removal

Reasons for insulation removal

Sometimes you need to remove your insulation and start fresh. This is necessary if it contains any of the following:

  • Mould
  • Allergy-causing agents
  • Irritating odours
  • Fire damage
  • Rodent contaminants

Safe & Convenient Service

Removing old insulation is a messy, difficult and often dangerous job, but our team makes it look so easy! We vacuum out the blown-in insulation, tear out the batts and haul away the garbage. What looks easy for us is too much for the average homeowner. Don’t risk exposing yourself to contaminated materials or hazardous airborne particulates. We have high-capacity vacuum equipment and the proper safety gear to do the job right.

Arrange for attic insulation removal through our insulation specialists. We can ensure that all old insulation is removed and disposed of safely. We can even replace it with something better. You won’t be left with any of the mess!