blow-in attic insulation Saskatoon

Blow-in Attic Insulation

The most affordable way to improve your home’s heat.

Poly Plus - specializing in Spray Foam

Specializing in Spray Foam

Say no to mould, airborne pollutants & allergens.

batt & poly vapour barrier installation

Batt Insulation & Vapour Barrier

Bringing more comfort to your home.

Buy Insulation Saskatoon, Martensville and Area

Poly Plus Insulators have been providing quality batt and blown insulation, vapour barrier and spray foam services for new and renovated homes since 1996.

spray foam Saskatoon
Spray foam Saskatoon
re-insulation retrofit renovation Saskatoon
Retrofit insulation
blown attic insulation
Attic blow in insulation
fibreglass insulation installation Saskatoon
Insulation vapour barrier
Saskatoon soundproofing insulation installation
Sound proof floors and walls
thermal imaging Saskatoon - energy efficiency
Digital temperature gun
wall insulation spray foam

Residential & Commercial Insulation Services

Spray foam insulation

Protect your family’s health from dangerous mould, airborne pollutants, allergens and save on energy costs with Spray Foam Insulation from Poly Plus.

Retrofit insulating and re-insulation

With energy costs increasing, energy efficiency is important. Improve your home’s R-value with retrofit re-insulation and lower your heating/cooling costs.

Blow-in insulation and removal

We can increase the comfort of your home, lower energy bills and save you money by removing your old insulation and installing new blow-in insulation.

Batt insulation and vapour barrier

Offering professional batt and vapour barrier installation. Providing a more comfortable living space with even heat distribution and less drafts.

Sound proofing insulation

The best way to a quiet home is installing specially designed sound proofing insulation in your home’s interior walls, ceilings, and floors.

Thermal imaging energy audits

With our thermal imaging equipment, we are able to locate trouble spots in the walls and ceilings of your home, where the human eye is unable to see.